Sunday, 6 October 2013

. . . and it begins!

This past week cash-flow was preventing me applying for the ISBNs I need to get the presses rolling but I have finished the 'final' proof and started to get the final pre-press twizzles under way.

Feeling pretty 'up' about things so far, although I'm still wavering over whether to go with Lulu or Lightning Source as print/distribution partners. The latter is definitely the route for DreamWorlds Publishing I think, but Lulu's model is much more user-friendly so far as contractual factors go so, as this is essentially still an individual concern, I may get my toes wet with Lulu for starters while I get my head around LS's gobbledy gook agreements, which I'm sure are more professionally sourced, although both PoD providers use Ingram/Nielsen international rights and distribution channels.

The marketing side of things is also proving a challenge but actually more enjoyable than I expected, mainly because of the communities I'm reaching on LinkedIn. I think I'm meeting some very supportive and knowledgeable people on there who'll be figuring strongly as my little enterprise starts to gather strength. From a self esteem PoV this has all been worth it now - no matter what success I meet from herein.