Monday, 27 January 2014

Frustrated... Elated!

Still waiting on the eBook coming out - honestly you'd think that e-versions would be out a lot sooner than the print one but apparently it can be up to 15! business days before it's out there! Am still having major probs with my web connection (it's a regional thing so 'acts of god' timescale for restoration of a halfway decent service early next month ><). Anyhooo...

... have just been given a really kickass 5-star review from someone I don't know (another author I met on LinkedIn) so I'm  feeling really validated right now :D  I'm doing a review of his book, Dreamers as well which'll be my next task today - he's a great new writer of fantasy horror and I stayed up reading it until 4 a.m. this Saturday and my tablet battery failed on the last few pages - talk about frustrating! It's a great feeling though, getting a review from someone I don't know too well yet, but admire their work, and who likes mine back :D

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Tired but happy...

... have just managed to submit an error-free e-pub file to Lightning Source (well the e-check validator said it was!) so fingers crossed Milele Safari will be hitting the virtual shelves very soon.*crosses fingers and anything else that will cross*

Am really tired now though - was a nightmare trying to sort out the metadata and not helped too much by the video tutorials which I loathe because they go through so fast. Still for a first try I didn't have that much wrong really so hopefully that's the learning curve mostly mastered for now - until they release a new version I suppose. Off to wind down with Buffy repeats on SyFy (vampires are soooo relaxing in the wee small hours :-P) but this will be the first place for news of Milele Safari the e-Book!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

So far - so amazing

Well - as far as I can tell there's been 15 sales so far and even though 8 of those were ordered by me 3 of those were for friends who went through my POD account with the rest as Xmas pressies for my mum and sisters. Which means I've more or less broken even already on the publication costs (and taking the ISBN payment as £12.60 as 1 of 10 purchased). Not bad at all! Also 1 of the copies has been sent to the British Library which is a legal obligation for publishers whether or not you register for an ISBN - I'm officially a proper publisher!!! My, how proud am I! lol

I've been trying to put the eReader together all over the holidays - my first time doing this. It's not been accepted for publication I heard today but there's only 1 actual error on it, so I'm quite pleased with myself for that too. Not so good are the 27 'warnings' I totted up but as 18 of those are to do with leaving a single space on the file naming protocols they'll be simple to rectify and the others look to be easy enough to resolve, so the Kindle / iBook version should around gods-willing for the end of the month!

I'm also getting quite a good response for reviews although none are published yet - LinkedIn connections have been a great source for this so hopefully the promotion side of things will get off to a good start when the eBooks on the virtual shelves. I've got the DreamWorlds Publishing site off the ground as well so with luck we'll be getting some more activity on there soon as well. The DreamWorlds anthology is the next in line for publication anyway :D