Saturday, 7 December 2013

Jingle all the way . . .

Just a small jingle you understand, but I've ordered 8 copies from Lightning Source yesterday and another 4 to come once the cheque's through! So 12 sales altogether (4 are Xmas pressies from me to my family and one copy's off to the British Library) - which if we're counting the ISBN purchase as £12.60 that means I'm about breaking even already! I've got sales pages on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Book Depository on, so it looks like the distribution's filtering out nicely. Also I've sent off a file to Amazon for putting up the Search Inside the Book info. So it's all set up - working like stink on the eReader from now on until Xmas ;-)

Nerves are also jingling on the business side of things after a cautionary experience between PayPal and the bank on verifications and removing account limits but that's sorted now bar the transactions going through. Website matters are still vexed however, but that may need to wait until the old LOTRDreams domain expires and then I can get the replacement files up and running. Trying not to pull my hair out on that account but I've buggered up the linking trying to change the pointers today, so the site's down until I can make the changes. It's hardly present online anyway so probably not worth worrying about but I'm annoyed with myself and with the control panel for letting me put on changes that couldn't be cancelled. Grist to mill of web management but really frustrating when you know what you want to achieve and can't do it because the menu prompts are dodgy. Grrr.

If that's the only problem I have with this then fine - I can get the pages up for the Publishing site whatever and then switch domains at the end of the month. It'll all come out in the wash anyway.

And I'm officially published!!!! *bounces*