Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Rose by any other Name

Names are important. Very important. Safari Tales was a working title really and it fitted the original concept of travellers' tales, in that the stories I was going write about did 'belong' to different people, some of them real ones.

But books evolve and writing (for me anyway) tends get these funny holistic branch offs and so, what could have been a collection of stand alone stories, suddenly had themes and backstories of their own, with flashbacks and serendipity thrown into the pot almost by osmosis. And here I am, coming to terms with one of my spiffy reviewers pointing out what I'd already been worrying at for some time - Safari Tales as a main title is really pedestrian and, yes, I'm afraid - unoriginal.

Smoke and Thunder might be a better, more dynamic one, but it's not too African sounding and that's important to me, so it's back to the drawing board for now for a snazzier title. What I'm currently trawling through is Google Translate's 'Swahili-English' option along the lines of 'Human Herd' style of things but nothing's really striking me yet.

Safari Tales may replace An African Journey as the strapline perhaps - any views, suggestions or 'thought showering' will be gratefully received...

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