Monday, 28 April 2014

Healthy competition...

… is (probably) to publishing what King Herod was to enlightened baby care? Cream floats naturally – so do other thingies that you most certainly don’t want on your coffee, strawberries, or ‘you’re worth it’ face :-P
However – some things are worth competing for, especially if it’s a fab FaceBook ad campaign for your debut novel. Doubly so when you suck at doing FB ad campaigns which I do – royally!
So this is the pitch -


(5 – count them! – exclamation marks :-)  )
Click the link – the big pink one above (OK if you must then this is the actual URL - and vote for…

Milele Safari by Jan Hawke!!!!!

and I will be eternally grateful if I win ;-)
Voting is open up until 30th April 2014 – 2 days to go!!!!!

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