Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fine Tuning . . .

Back to 'identity' and the covers. I've been lucky enough to meet a very savvy design and self-publishing guru on LinkedIn who's been giving me some constructive crit of what I've done so far. Not going to go for any big departures from what I've done, but he's made some very salient suggestions to make it look 'cleaner' and less pedestrian on the font front.

In other news I'm hoping to receive the last of the proof-reading this weekend - then we get into sweating the ISBN and PoD route and the real fun!


  1. So. . Exactly what sort of a time frame are you looking at when I can buy a hold-it-in-my-hands-sniff-the-paper moment?

  2. There's a question! Weeeeell - the proof-reading revisions are purely 'cosmetic' in that my sister has been reining in my compulsive punctuation habit (commas-R-me ><) so I'm hoping to get that done between 1-2 weeks this weekend as there's only 5 chapters to do now.

    Then we get to prepping the production file formats which is technically done for one potential supplier bar corrections (for but I'm now looking at another provider who has a simpler contractual setup and is therefore faster at getting the product out who's been recommended by my LinkedIn guru...

    I'm hoping that I can fast track with whoever I eventually use so potentially I'm hoping for a publish to Amazon etc in paperback for mid to end October and hopefully early November for the eBook format. The latter is a stepper learning curve for me however as I'd have to reset for ePub formats, but potentially it ought to be available globally by end of November.

    Just in time for Xmas! ;-)


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