Sunday, 22 September 2013

Tempus Fudgit

Blimey! It really does fly by when you're busy . . .

Well of course I've not been busy in here but elsewhere I've been positively athletic by my standards - in fact I've been . . . networking! On Twitter!! I even joined LinkedIn properly!!!

Now those who know me will be aware that I had a Facebook aversion of almost gargantuan proportions, and, indeed I still have, but one of the (few?) advantages of social networking is that it can be joined up. For example I 'tweeted' today for the first time in what must be months if not a year, and all of a sudden I get people talking to me on Facebook - extraordinary! Only four people you must understand, but by my meagre standards that's a positive avalanche of response.

It's LinkedIn that's 'to blame' because I've found that it's actually both useful and interesting to be on it, especially to meet like-minded individuals and talk about stuff like - self-publishing! Couple of people on there have a wealth of experience of doing just that AND like to help newbies like moi out. Some of them are also designers and some are even authorities on blogging. So I've gotten around to having my social networking 'Damascus' moment finally!

Anyway - Safari news is that I reckon I'm about a fortnight off getting the pre-press proofing done and then it's full out for the PoD uploads . . . off to Twitter now to tell everyone about this blog! ;-)


  1. Totally agree! I'm still having trouble with marketing, and every time I look on my groups in LinkedIn, I learn something new! Keep it up, and I can't wait to read your work! :D

    1. Well, it's people like you, Peter who're keeping my nose to the grindstone by showing how it can be done with a bit of perseverance and faith in myself! I can't wait to see it looking like a proper book - whether that's on paper or a screen . . .

      Thanks for looking in - I think you're the first one to post in here more or less :)


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