Monday, 11 November 2013

Hit, Submit, Brick it . . .

. . . well more like gently fret on a proof copy paperback which should be wending its way back to me in the next week or so. I'll certainly be available from your nearest online bookstore before Xmas!

I hit the submit button yesterday evening and am about to start formatting the e-book version later on today. I've committed to Lightning Source on the basis that the contracts with them are simply for 'print' on demand and they also have many more outlets than Lulu, so it'll be easier in the long run, especially if things take off for me or for DreamWorlds Publishing, which is now an 'official' entity with its first batch of 10 ISBNs safely tucked away.

Not sure exactly how long it'll be before Milele will be on a virtual bookshelf as it may need a few more revisions, but it's definitely cleared for landing now. I'll be published! So, yeah. Feeling nervous, chuffed, apprehensive and most of all eager to hold my actual book in my hands finally.

Here's the final, final cover design -


  1. Oh......!
    I can't wait to hold it in MY hands too Jan :)

    I am so excited for you. Please let me know the moment its available to buy.

    Oh... and I shall ask our local (and state) library if I can read it ;) then they may.. Most probably will... order in a copy to be placed on the shelves.

  2. Good news Jan and I'm waiting for it too! Will send blog address to some people I know wot likes reading!!!

  3. I received the electronic proof yesterday evening and it's looking good on screen so far although I thought they adapted the pagination according to the page count so there's one relatively easy revision at least to put on.
    The 'hard copy' proof should be on its way to me (hopefully by this weekend) and, subject to colour matching and a swift going over of the content I'm hoping that I'll be able to put this out for distribution within the next 14 days.
    It'll be available on Amazon or to order from an array of online bookstores shortly after that so - yes please, to passing on the word about this blog and the retail links to anyone you think may enjoy this!
    I'll be circulating ongoing news on here and through Twitter, FB and Linked In and the TP forum so I think my primary 'platforms' will be kept well in the loop ;-)


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