Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Last gasp . . .

. . . well - the hard copy proof looked great but had a couple of minor tweaks for the cover and dozens of tiny corrections for the content (and one silly boo-boo where I'd deleted half a parag of dialogue when I was putting on the last of the proof-reading alterations). Anyway I spent about 9 days fiddling around with those and revising the layout slightly so it's easier to read and sit in the hand and sent it off again this afternoon.

I've just checked again online and apparently the online proof's prepared but not quite 'live' yet so I expect it was too late for today and I should get it early tomorrow. No hard copy this time as I have to pay for the revision and I just want to sign off now so, barring accidents, I'm hoping that I can get this agreed for distribution this weekend!

Trying to keep nails away from teeth . . .

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