Monday, 27 January 2014

Frustrated... Elated!

Still waiting on the eBook coming out - honestly you'd think that e-versions would be out a lot sooner than the print one but apparently it can be up to 15! business days before it's out there! Am still having major probs with my web connection (it's a regional thing so 'acts of god' timescale for restoration of a halfway decent service early next month ><). Anyhooo...

... have just been given a really kickass 5-star review from someone I don't know (another author I met on LinkedIn) so I'm  feeling really validated right now :D  I'm doing a review of his book, Dreamers as well which'll be my next task today - he's a great new writer of fantasy horror and I stayed up reading it until 4 a.m. this Saturday and my tablet battery failed on the last few pages - talk about frustrating! It's a great feeling though, getting a review from someone I don't know too well yet, but admire their work, and who likes mine back :D

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